Investment Management

When was the last time you looked at your investment portfolio with your long-term goals in mind? It may be time to review, revise, and reorganize your money to make sure you are set up to achieve everything you want in the future.


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Can You Help Me Reorganize My Portfolio?

What Type of Investments Do You Recommend?

How Will You Manage My Investments?

What Does Flat-Fee Management Mean?


Can You Help Me Reorganize My Portfolio?

Yes. There are many reasons why your investments may need another look, including life changes and shifting economic climates. Here are just a few ways we can assist you:

Retirement Account Rollover
When you leave a company you may want to consider rolling your retirement assets into your own IRA or another employer sponsored plan. We assist clients with the rollover process, as well as the allocation and management of the account on an ongoing basis.

We also assist our clients with consolidating multiple retirement accounts and ensuring they are held in the most appropriate title, and are invested in line with our clients goals and objectives.

Short-term Investment Planning
Short-term financial goals need a separate, but complementary, plan. We assist our clients with developing an investment strategy that is in line with a short time horizon while focusing on growth and accumulation of wealth.

Full Portfolio Review
Chances are, your portfolio has not had a second look in quite some time. We provide a full investment review and make suggestions on how to reallocate your portfolio to be more efficient, in line with your risk tolerance and financial goals, and ensure accounts are titled properly.

What Types Of Investments Do You Recommend?

There are a lot of options depending on your financial goals, timeline for investing, and risk tolerance. We develop customized portfolios that we believe will meet all of your unique needs.

With our flat-fee management model, we specialize in building portfolios utilizing no-load investments with low fees, including mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETF’s).

How will you manage my investments?

We believe in taking an active role in managing your investments. We are available to you as you have questions and believe it’s important to meet regularly throughout the year.

Money ManagementOur GMF Flat-Fee Investment Management offering is designed for people that want an informed financial vision, receive regular account updates, and entrust us with the day-to-day, ongoing management activities. Through this offering, we will construct a portfolio that works with the time you have to invest, the amount of risk you want to take, and the expected return of investment options. We stay connected, keeping you informed of your plan progress, and actively changing the plan as the economy and your needs evolve over time.

What does Flat-Fee Management mean?

Unlike some investment managers, we don’t work on commission paid by investment products. This means that we work entirely for you, presenting only products that fit your financial vision. We do not rely on high-commission products to get paid, instead we work to satisfy our clients and earn our fees from them.