Planning Areas

With our flat-fee financial planning process, we are able to assist you in all areas of your financial well-being.

Planning Areas We Cover:

Financial Goal Planning – What are your financial goals? We can assist you in determining real, quantifiable goals in each of the following planning areas.

Pre-Retirement Planning – How much will you need for retirement? We can help you structure accounts to reduce exposure to tax liability, structure investments in-line with your risk tolerance, and keep everything on track to your desired goals.

Legacy Planning – Do you want leave an inheritance for your loved ones? We can assist you in planning for the future of your loved ones, developing a strategy that meets your goals and objectives for your legacy.

Post-Retirement Planning – Worried about running out of money in retirement? We can develop an income strategy to reduce the chances of money running out and keep you on track with your legacy goals.

Net Worth Management – Do you want to increase your net worth? We work with you to develop a strategy to reduce your debt, increase your assets, and increase your overall net worth.

Tax Planning – Do you wonder if there was a way to pay less? Through the use of retirement accounts and tax advantaged investments, there may be.

College Planning – Worried about paying for your kids’ college tuition? We can assist you in determining how much you will need, where you should save, and how you should invest.

Life Insurance Planning – Is your family protected if something happens to you? It is critically important to have the right level life insurance coverage and the right type of insurance to properly protect your family.

Disability Insurance Planning – Would your family be financially okay if you lost your income? We can analyze your information, assess the risk, and identify if, and how much, disability coverage you need.

Cash Flow Management – Are you making money but have no idea where it goes? We can assist you in managing your inflows and outflows through our Financial Dashboard Program, tracking money easily and automatically.

Debt Planning – Whether it is a credit card, student loans, or your mortgage, developing a plan to pay off your debts while saving for your other financial goals can be confusing. Through proper planning, we can develop a goal to pay off your debts in an effective way.

Divorce Financial Planning – Worried your divorce will devastate you financially? If you are considering divorce or in the process of divorce, we can help develop a successful financial strategy to prepare you for the post-divorce financial landscape.