Personal Financial Planning

Investing in a mutual fund or stock without a financial plan is like buying double-paned windows when you don’t own a house. The actual product may be a great, but if it doesn’t fit, or doesn’t work for what you need, it might not be as valuable as you think.

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What is Financial Plan?

How Does Financial Planning Work?

Will You Manage My Investments?

What Does Flat-Fee Management Mean?


What is a Financial Plan?

A financial plan is the architecture for determining your financial goals, evaluating your current financial situation, and developing the strategy for best reaching your goals. Once a plan has been established, we can evaluate whether your current investment strategy is best suited to fund your plan.

Financial planning can be critical during various stages throughout your life.  Our experience has prepared us to assist you throughout the different stages of your life including:

What is a Financial Plan?
Together we will work to:

  • Determine what you need your money to do for you in the future.
  • Clarify your current financial situation.
  • Discuss options available to you to get you to your financial goal.
  • Develop a strategy designed to help you get there.

How does personal financial planning with Guide My Finances work?
We have a very simple process to get you to your financial vision.

How does personal financial planning with Guide My Finances work?

Will you manage my investments once the plan is finished?
Yes. To learn more about our investment management service, CLICK HERE.

What does Flat-Fee Management mean?

Unlike other investment managers, we don’t work on commission paid by investment products. This means that we work entirely for you, presenting only products that fit your financial vision. We do not rely on high-commission products to get paid, instead we work to satisfy our clients and earn our fees from them.