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The road to a comfortable retirement begins with a solid financial retirement plan. Reaching and maintaining a comfortable retirement is the most common goal our clients have. While the goal may be common among our clients, we have found that retirement can look very different from one person to the next. Because of this, we believe there is no magic number that can be run on a simple calculator to tell you how much money you will need to retire. Instead, we work with our clients to clearly identify their retirement goals and objectives, evaluate their resources, and plan for the what-ifs that may come up along the way, including the need for long-term care or premature death. After an in-depth analysis of your financials, we create a solid financial retirement plan that will help you reach your retirement goals now and far into the future.

Retirement Stages:

  • Accumulation – If you have more than 5 years until retirement you are in the accumulation stage.
      During this stage we focus on accumulating enough money to last your lifetime. We analyze how much you need to save on a regular basis and what types of accounts and retirement plans will be most advantageous from a tax and liquidity perspective. We analyze your investments to ensure they are in-line with your risk profile and create short and long-term strategies for reaching your goals.
  • Conservation – If you are within 5 years of taking distributions from your retirement accounts, you are in the conservation stage.
      During this stage, in addition to continuing to accumulate assets, it is important to preserve the growth you have earned to date. We focus on adjusting your portfolio, preparing for upcoming distributions, planning for Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) and creating an income strategy to support your retirement income needs.
  • Distribution- If you are taking distributions from your retirement accounts, you are in the distribution stage.
      During this stage, we focus on how, when and where you should be taking your distributions. We evaluate the tax ramifications of drawing from different accounts and create a sustainable strategy for your long-term income needs. When appropriate, we create wealth transfer strategies to begin shifting wealth from your estate to your heirs.