Retirement Planning

Retirement planning happens in many stages, from pre-retirement planning to post-retirement distribution management. No matter what stage of life you are in, we can help you prepare for the post-work years ahead.

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What Is Retirement Planning?

How Do You Protect Your Income And Your Family?

Will You Manage My Investments?

What Does Flat-Fee Management Mean?


What is retirement planning?

Effective retirement planning takes into account all phases of life. We can provide you with a comprehensive retirement plan based on your age, current investments, and retirement goals.

How do you protect your income and your family?

There are several variables that we consider when preparing your strategy for retirement. A key element of retirement planning is protecting your investments for you and your family.

Retirement Income Protection
Do you have a plan for taking retirement distributions?

Plan Structure
Are your assets in the right plan?

Are your assets invested properly?

Income Protection
Are your assets protected if you become disabled and can’t work?

Premature Death
Is your family protected if they lose you and your income?

Long-term Care
How will the need for long term care affect your plan?

*CLICK HERE for a comprehensive list of all the planning areas we provide.

Will you manage my investments once the plan is finished?

This is entirely up to you. You can choose to have us manage your investments, or manage your own investments with our guidance.

Our GMF Flat-Fee Investment Management offering is designed for people that want an informed financial vision, receive regular account updates, and entrust us with the day-today, ongoing management activities. Through this offering, we will construct a portfolio that works with the time you have to invest, the amount of risk you want to take, and the expected return of investment options. We stay connected, keeping you informed of your plan progress, and actively changing the plan as the economy and your needs evolve over time.

Whatever level of investment management you need, we are here to help with flat-fee management solutions.

What does Flat-Fee Management mean?

Unlike other investment managers, we don’t work on commission paid by investment products. This means that we work entirely for you, presenting only products that fit your financial vision. We do not rely on high-commission products to get paid, instead we work to satisfy our clients and earn our fees from them.