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In many cases, an inheritance is gone in around 5 years due to thoughtless spending and poor investment strategies. At Guide My Finances, we strive to work with clients on both the giving and receiving end of inheritance, to ensure that your money is not only put to good use, but is maximized to its fullest potential.

Receiving An Inheritance:

Losing a loved one is all-consuming, making it difficult to make sound decisions in a period of grief. At Guide My Finances, we work with clients to evaluate their Inheritance Planning goals and make recommendations to implement them. Whether looking to purchase a new home, boost retirement savings, or leave an inheritance of your own, we create customized strategies to put your inheritance to good use.

When you receive an inheritance it is important to resist overspending and instead plan for your future. At Guide My Finances, our financial planners help you determine how much money you need to fund your current lifestyle and future expenditures. It is important to look closely at your actual financial situation and build a strategy with that as your foundation.

Giving An Inheritance

When it comes to leaving an inheritance to heirs or beneficiaries, it is important to plan to cover your lifetime expenses first, and determine what will be left over to gift after your passing. If additional resources are available, the experienced strategic inheritance planners at Guide My Finances will assist you with establishing a transfer strategy designed to maximize the benefits to your heirs, while considering how to reduce tax liabilities to all.

Our support extends to your heirs by continuing guidance to them when you pass. As a continued resource, we work with your benefactors to distribute assets and recommend long-term strategies to help the funds last.

Additional Strategic Inheritance Planning services include:

  • Ensure beneficiaries are properly titled on accounts
  • Confirm assets are titled properly
  • Partner with your estate planning attorney to provide coordinated solutions to you
  • Create charitable gifting strategies
  • Develop lifetime gifting strategies